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German Made. German Quality. 

German craftsmanship has long had a reputation for precision and beauty, and for nearly 50 years Fuchs wheels has epitomized that flawless perfection. With its trademark Fuchsfelge® process, Fuchs wheels has carried on the proud tradition of the OTTO FUCHS brand.

The Fuchsfelge manufacturing process begins with a shapeless aluminum block, and more than 50 individualized work steps later, a masterpiece wheel is forged. And though characterized by numerous optical and technical special features, the perfection lies in the surface finish.

Every single one of our 17”, 18” and 19” forged Fuchs wheels undergoes a strict finishing (e.g. turning, drilling, deburring), followed by a specific polishing process. Achievement of the inimitable Fuchsfelge surface appearance is gained through anodizing, and the polishing of our exclusive aluminum is transformed into a silk-gloss and corrosion-resistant surface. After further multi-stage cleaning and pre-treatment steps, the wheel gets its characteristic finishing: the hand-painted black matt lacquer.

While we offer the surface variant “nature” as an option on our anodized Fuchs wheels, we also understand you may have your own color preference, which could easily be painted by your trusted external company. And except for a careful degrease, there is no need for any additional pre- or post-treatment.

Forged from fire at the start and polished to perfection at the end, the unmistakable and impeccable German made, German quality of Fuchsfelge wheels will always be ready to roll.

The surface varieties

Star Black
polished, silk-gloss anodized outboard rim; disc base and rim star hand-painted
in matt black

Star Silver
polished, silk-gloss anodized outboard rim and rim star; disc base hand-painted
in matt black

Wheel Nature
polished, silk-gloss anodized wheel (outboard rim, disc base and rim star) – basis surface for painting in car colour

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